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//architecture/art/web 2.0/concept/ THE WEB-SHAPED PAVILION by MICHAEL JANTZEN
The Web-Shaped Pavilion

The prolific and provocative U.S. eco-architect Michael Jantzen has developed another fascinating building, this time inspired by the medieval towers that protected the cities.

The project by Michael is in the form of a tube, designed as a meeting place 130ft [39,6mt] high completely solar powered. 208 hinged panels can be automatically raised or lowered into hundreds of positions, thanks to small electric motors placed along the outer surface of the structure.

Depending on requirements these openings and closings change the entire shape of The Web-Shaped Pavilion and can be driven through the web. People from all over the world can participate to the alteration of the form through their computer, iPod, iPad or Smart phone, in a sort of rule-based management on the majority of Web 2.0.

The Web-Shaped Pavilion collects votes from all over the world expressed on the network that will be converted into electrical signals, that in turn will activate the motors moving the panels. The aim of the project is to generate clean electricity.

The tower at the top has a series of solar panels producing energy to power both the motors and the local network. Even visitors going up through the seven levels contribute to generate power through the conversion of kinetic energy.

Michael Jantzen
Los Angeles - California | U.S.A.
web site | e-mail

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