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//design/furniture/table/ NOOK by LUKAS FRANCISZKIEWICZ

The Nook sidetable is an apparently fairly simple and straightforward concept designed by Germany-based Lukas Franciszkiewicz.

We are used to have predetermined beliefs in placing our furniture. My aim was to create an object that demonstrates new ways of dealing with the relation between space and structure. In this way, Lukas tells about Nook at SpaceCoolHunting.

Aesthetically minimalistic but intrinsically filled with some form of questioning, however simple it may be, is the motto that frequently informs Lukas's designs, who is focused on research and experimental concepts, dealing with the impact of technology on human perception and behavior, often using fiction as a tool to further present his work.

Lukas Franciszkiewicz
Tel +49 163 96 47 183
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