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Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects

According to George Reil and Kathy Scheuring everything can create Music, even the most common objects, that if they may seem banal to all appearances, they hide, under an inquiring eye, unique potential.

An old coffee grinder, a shoe, a bucket and a bottle of detergent give amazing musical experiences to attentive listeners. With Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects, George and Kathy provided new and interesting acoustic identities to these common objects. The two designers of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg - Schweinfurt – Monsheim, Germany – created what at first glance appear to be objects of design, thanks to the trick of the black paint.

But looking carefully at Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects you run into an Ethernet port that reveals a mutant nature, because each object has a special ability, loudspeakers and sensors mixed with small signs that tell us the magical nature of each item.

The work of George and Kathy created hybrid creatures that, through the formula of the physical computing – Arduino Processing – capture noises and reproduce music. The bottle of detergent records voices and then sings, the coffee grinder plays audio samples with variable speed, the bucket collects the sounds and blend them, spreading them once it is turned upside down. All actions performed by these objects are the usual ones, but the final result exceeds all expectations.

Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects shows the desire of George and Kathy to mediate the relationships between humans and computers through potentials that outline a more important history of the means used.

Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects
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